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When it comes to PC games that are great for city building games, Tropico 6 is up there with the best. The gameplay is reminiscent of the original, and it includes complex systems and mechanics that mesh in real-time. However, Tropico 6 is a bit more complicated than most city-building games, so there are a lot of complexities to master. It may be difficult to find the best city-building game on the market, so we’ve chosen our top picks for the best city-building games for PC in this list.

Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is a city-building game set on an island archipelago. It allows you to rule multiple islands at once, balancing happiness and economics as you go. You will need to negotiate deals with foreign governments, complete missions, and make enemies among unscrupulous government officials. Tropico 6 has a varied overarching goal. There are more than a dozen different objectives that you can pursue, depending on your personal taste.

The premise of the game is to rebuild humanity, but colonization isn’t as simple as digging and building a foundation. Colonists will suffer if their basic needs aren’t met, including clean, steady oxygen and water. There are a variety of new buildings that you can build, so make sure to pay attention to the ones that are suitable for your residents. Moreover, think carefully about where to place them to ensure that everyone is happy.

Cities XL

Cities XL is a revision of the classic SimCity formula and is similar to previous City Life games. In Cities XL, you take on the role of an omnipotent city mayor and can build anything you want, including the infamous skyscrapers. But while real-world planners divide streets into sections for residential development, commercial, and industrial use, in Cities XL, you can choose to zone your streets for office buildings, retail stores, and even high-tech manufacturing.

It has some of the same features of its predecessors, but it has a much more refined graphical presentation. It also has a subscription-style MMO element, which unfortunately doesn’t add much to the game. The online features are also in need of some improvement, as the game is a pretty bland, unremarkable, and conventional game. However, if you are a fan of this genre, you might want to give Cities XL a try.

Airborne Kingdom

If you are looking for a game that combines real-world building with a flying environment, look no further than the Airborne Kingdom. This strategy game will help you build a kingdom from scratch. Unlike most city-building games, Airborne Kingdom doesn’t let you question your objectives – instead, it presents itself as a benevolent force. You can find the game on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

This game focuses on building a floating city, so you’ll have to constantly harvest coal and other building materials to survive. Eventually, you’ll have to recruit new settlers to keep your city running smoothly. There are also some stressful moments during gameplay. You’ll need to create a stable economy, train workers, and keep your peeps happy. Luckily, this game is completely free to play.


It may come as a surprise that the series has been around for so long, but this modern take on the SimCity series succeeds in presenting the franchise’s longstanding traditions, even though it hasn’t had a new part in a while. Cities Skylines lets players plan their city’s growth from scratch, a process that is vital to achieving the taxes and other resources your city will need to grow.

The SimCity franchise is the king of city building games, and the franchise’s first title, SimCity, defined the genre. Since then, many developers have produced city building games, each with their own unique concepts and game play. There’s a lot of duds in this genre, and the good ones are few and far between. Here are the top 10 city building games for PC 2022.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

The Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom is an upcoming City-Building game for PC. The game is a simulation of Chinese history, spanning nearly three thousand years. As the emperor, you will be responsible for creating a sprawling urban area. While you are tasked with building a city, you’ll also manage various aspects of daily life, such as ensuring that your crops are productive and establishing a strong military force. The game also incorporates diplomacy, which will be useful to you as you build your empire.

Developers Impressions and BreakAway made the graphics for this game a bit better than previous versions. For one thing, the game has a higher resolution than Zeus’s 800×600 pixels, which makes it easier to judge the progress of your city while managing it. This is a major plus, as it means that you can see more details and improve the overall appearance of your city.

Surviving Mars

The futuristic aesthetic of Surviving Mars will be reminiscent of the bright futurism of the 1960s. You’ll have to build your city and take care of its citizens while battling the effects of natural disasters and space weather. This PC game will keep you busy for years, so it’s worth checking out the free DLC, which is available right now. The Future Contemporary cosmetic pack includes ten new building skins and 70 minutes of new music.

In Surviving Mars, you’ll have to survive on the desolate red planet and create a thriving metropolis. You’ll have to build infrastructure, citizens, and industry. You’ll also have to deal with the environment on Mars, such as oxygen and space domes. The game’s publisher, Paradox Interactive, also created Cities: Skylines, a city-building simulation game. Like its predecessor, Surviving Mars comes with tons of DLC, including free-to-play content.