Dubbed the ‘beautiful game’, football has always held a special place in the hearts and minds of all British sports fans and it remains by far and away the most popular sport in the UK in terms of participation numbers.

Those figures are dwarfed when it comes to the number of people who have an active interest in the professional game, with the English Premier League holding a strong claim to being the biggest footballing competition on the planet.

With domestic and global interest continuing to outlast predictions and with demand for Premier League football far outweighing supply, football as a sport is going from strength to strength in the UK.

As ever, sportsbooks and betting companies have always looked to have a healthy relationship with football as a sport to bet on – simply because so many people enjoy punting on it.By the way, besides betting, football fans especially prefer themed slots for real money on online casino sites in the UK.

With football’s popularity in the UK on a seemingly never ending upward trend, bookmakers are constantly exploring new ways in which they can encourage players to get stuck into the millions of football betting markets available and it comfortably remains the most popular sport to bet on in the country.

The aforementioned global footballing schedule plays a huge role in the endearing appeal of football betting as a vocation, with so many games taking place every day, all year round – football punters are truly spoilt for choice.

Consequently, sports bookmakers are always looking for ways to get players betting on their football markets. Whether it be through football based offers and promotions for new and existing customers, through to innovative betting options such as money back if an own goal is scored, bookmakers completely understand the importance of keeping their football betting punters happy.

Inevitably, there are some pitfalls when betting on any sport, but football does seem to hold the biggest moral quandary for punters. Detaching personal allegiance to a football club can be difficult when betting for some players and being sure to bet with the head rather than the heart is an essential piece of advice for any football punter.

As the national sport of the UK, there is no denying that football betting generates billions of pounds worth of income for UK sportsbooks. A huge percentage of that lies with the appeal of accumulator betting, a phenomenon that appeals to every level of player, giving people the opportunity to place a low risk, high reward bet, across a range of football fixtures.

The saturated UK and international football calendar means that there are constant football betting opportunities out there for players, regardless of their betting aspirations and sportsbooks are very savvy when it comes to accumulator based offers and promotions within the UK football betting market.

Factoring in the popularity of football in the UK, along with the opportunities to win on the sport and the jam packed betting calendar, football remains the dominant force within the UK sports betting scene.