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If you enjoy music, chances are you’ve heard some of these gambling lyrics. Many gamblers are known for their bad behavior, but they’re allowed to get away with it because they’re only interested in taking other people’s money. You’ve probably heard songs by AC/DC, Motorhead, and Bob Dylan, and you may be thinking, “I could have sung that.”

Bob Dylan

If you are into gambling, Bob Dylan’s gambling lyrics may be for you. Although he did not compose “House of the Rising Sun” (which we refer to as the “Rising Sun Blues”), it tells the story of a man who spends too much time at the gambling tables and in nightclubs. It was popularised in Freewheelin’, which featured Dylan’s reworking of the song.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers’ song “The Gambler” is a classic example of country music. It was written by Don Schlitz when he was 23 years old and has become arguably the most famous country song in the history of the United States. This song is also a favorite among rugby players and was used as an anthem for their sport. The lyrics are a timeless classic that will always remind you of this classic country singer.

The song was made famous by the movie The Gambler and is sung by Kenny Rogers. The song tells the story of a gambler who is out of aces and offers his advice for whiskey. This gambler ends up making a fortune on the film and the song is a hit! The Gambler’s lyrics are a great example of a country classic. If you want to learn the guitar chords to this song, you can learn them from this video.


AC/DC’s “The Jack” is a song about safe sex. In the song, the protagonist loses to his opponent when he’s hit with “the jack”, an Australian slang term for Gonorrhea. The song is part of the band’s 1975 T.N.T. album, released in Australia. AC/DC gambling lyrics are quite explicit.

“The Jack” was the band’s first chart-topper. The song’s name is Australian slang for “sexually transmitted disease,” but the lyrics are more straightforward and crude than other rock songs. AC/DC’s song was written by a Texan who liked to play poker and had no qualms with referring to gambling. This song is still very popular. AC/DC’s gambling lyrics are often explicit, but the band’s fans still enjoy it.

Innuendo is another way to use gambling lyrics. The band’s song uses the image of a deck of cards to convey its message. In Australia, ‘The Jack’ refers to gonorrhea. The song’s gruff vocals by Bon Scott make it an instant hit. The lyrics of this song are very funny and reminiscent of the ‘Gambling’ theme in the movie.


Many Heavy Metal bands have produced songs about gambling, including Motorhead. The band’s 1980 hit “Ace of Spades” has become one of the rock anthems of all time. The song was even voted the best poker-themed song in 2019 by PokerStars players. The lyrics are full of references to gambling, including mentions of upping the ante, splitting, and the ace of spades. While Lemmy Kilmister was not himself a gambler, he did write several lyrics that were related to the game.

Many of Motorhead’s gambling lyrics focus on the adage, “Live fast, die young.” That phrase could easily apply to the gambling industry. However, the lyrics are about more than just gambling. For example, the songwriter of the song “Runnin’ on the Casino” feels as if he’s won the lottery. In the same way, he declares his love for his lady friend as deep, true, and lasting.

In addition to songs about gambling, Motorhead also has a number of classic tunes that riff on the subject. In “Ace of Spades”, for example, the band describes different poker hands. The lyrics even include references to “wheelin’ and dealing.” This tune was released in Australia in 1975. Its lyrics also refer to gambling. The band is known for combining its punk rock roots with old-school rock.

George Strait

One of George Strait’s most famous songs is “Amarillo by Morning.” It helped him break into country music’s mainstream during the 1980s. The country star is famous for playing the song twice in one set, and he would perform as many as four sets in Texas roadhouses. It is interesting to note that Strait pays close attention to country charts. The song peaked at No. 4 on the country charts.

One song from Strait’s collection contains the same title as a Kirk Douglas movie with the same name. In the movie, the best card is referred to as the Ace in the hole, and in poker, the un-exposed card is called the Ace in the hole. George Strait uses the phrase as a metaphor for a rainy day. In his song, he relates it to his love life, which is not without its share of ups and downs.

Troubadour: The song tells the story of a man who has reached his desired goal, but still longs for the past. This country classic was written by Strait when he was just thirteen years old. He compares himself to a lyrical poet of the genre. Although it’s not a great song, it’s a great example of Strait’s lyrical ability.


Ice Cube’s Gambling lyrics may sound like a rap song about the perfect day, but in reality, it doesn’t really say much. He talks about money and his ideal day, but the song doesn’t really say anything significant. The rap star merely raps about the things he likes. The lyrics don’t say much, but they do show a certain underlying theme. After all, the rapper is talking about money and gambling.

A trip to the craps table is an important part of Ice Cube’s “perfect day.” He raps about shaking the dice and revealing success after rolling sevens, the ideal score on the dice. Meanwhile, he basks in the sunshine of Los Angeles. While playing his favorite game, he also enjoys the sun. Here are a few of the Ice Cube gambling lyrics: