The rise of online casinos made online gambling easily accessible to a worldwide audience. Today there are hundreds of different casino games and casino sites that offer you many options on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Whatever your preferences are, there are countless options to choose from. Therefore, bankroll management is even more important since you don’t even need to move from your couch to play any casino game of your choice.

When you’re playing games of chance, bankroll management is important for reducing risks and playing responsibly. If you’re wondering how you can manage your bankroll when you play on any online casino or what are the best strategies for managing your bankroll, we cover everything you need to know and more in this article.


What Is Bankroll Management, And Why Is It Important?

Bankroll management is associated with gambling on any game of chance. It represents an important part of your gambling strategy. With proper bankroll management, you’re not betting outside your limits; therefore, you can have more fun for a longer period. You have set financial budget and goals in mind and are also playing your favorite casino games responsibly.

So, it’s really important for any casino player, no matter their experience, because the games of chance have random outcomes no one can guarantee you that you will win the main prize, so you always have to keep in mind what your limits are never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

How Can I Calculate My Budget For Real-Money Casino Games Online?

You  financial plan should depend not just only on your financial goals and financial budget but also on the games you want to play. Each casino game has its own house edge as well as the minimum amount that you can wager at the time. So, it’s actually when you are working on your financial budget for gambling, you are covering your loses. There isn’t a set limit that you can wager, but you in general, you shouldn’t bet more than 1% of your disposable income on games of chance. That said, when following a bankroll management strategy, you should never consider that your potential winnings will cover your losses.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Games For My Bankroll?

When choosing the casino games you would like to bet on, the first thing you should do is check the provider’s official site. You need to learn as much as you can about the game, which involves any special features, RTP of the game, its volatility, and odds.

Keep in mind that games from specific game categories have specific house edges (for example, baccarat games typically have lower house edges compared to roulette games, with an average house edge of 5.26%). So, if you’re looking to play casino games, you should always know the rules or betting elements that could impact your bankroll management.

What Are Some Effective Bankroll Management Strategies For Real Money Casino Games Online?

No one can guarantee that you will win real money playing online casino games, but with the right bankroll management strategy, you are at least somewhat protected from betting outside your limits.

There are many effective bankroll strategies to choose from, but again your choice will depend not just on your appetite for risk but also on your preferences for the games you’re looking to play. If you’re looking to play more challenging games that involve higher stakes, then you will need a specific bankroll management strategy for that. The same rule applies if you’re looking to play something casual like simple online slots. Some popular bankroll strategies involve – the stop loss strategy, fixed bet strategy, and 1-3-2-6 system.

With the stop-loss- strategy, you will limit the betting amount you’re willing to lose during a gaming session. So, whenever you reach that limit, you stop playing in order to put it prevent any potential losses. With a fixed bet strategy, as the name suggests, you will decide on a fixed amount as you’re willing to bet in every single gaming session, no matter the past outcomes in the game.

The 1-3-2-6 system is more inclined towards high rollers since it is a progressive betting strategy, and you are supposed to increase the bet after each win.

Can Effective Bankroll Management Improve My Chances Of Winning?

No bankroll management strategy can guarantee you are winning the main prize. However, it does reduce the risk of potentially suffering unaffordable losses. If you approach gambling strategically and responsibly, you can play your favorite casino game for a longer period of time and increase your chances of winning.

Why Bankroll Management Is Important When Playing Real Money Casino Games Online

If you’re just playing any casino game without a proper plan, you risk facing more losses, which can also shorten the time you have to play certain casino games. It’s also not wise to wager any amount without thinking about the potential outcome. This is why it’s really important to have good bankroll management. It offers a lot of benefits.

If you have a good strategy and financial budget and know how much you will bet on a specific casino game, then you reduce the risks of chasing losses and playing irresponsibly. You are also making informed decisions on how much to bet and when to bet.

Setting a Budget for Real Money Casino Games Online

A financial budget is necessary for every type of activity, including gambling. When we talk about gambling, we think about the financial budget that’s associated with a disposable income you have and you’re willing to bet a percentage of it on games of chance. Putting not more than 1- 5%% of your disposable income on games of chance is recommended.

Choosing the Right Games for Your Bankroll

If you have a smaller bankroll, the general rule is choosing games that accept lower minimum bets. But, you should also take into account the volatility of the game when you’re playing games that have low to medium volatility.

Typically, low-medium volatile games are considered less risky than playing higher volatile games, where you have a chance to potentially win big prizes but also suffer big losses. So, you should always take into account the RTP and volatility of any game that you’re looking to play – whether that’s an online slot game or a table casino game and the maximum winning potential.

Of course, you should always consider your skills and knowledge of the game you are looking to play. Table casino games are typically more challenging and require you to have a certain knowledge of the games compared to slot games, which are considered easier for beginners.

For example, suppose you are a beginner, and you want to play live poker games. In that case, it’s more advisable to have a proper strategy about the gameplay, which also includes your bankroll, because poker, online roulette, like most table games, is a challenging game that requires you to have a good understanding of its rules, for example.

Bankroll Management Strategies for Real Money Casino Games Online

Here we will take a look at some popular bankroll management strategies for online casino games

The Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion is a famous mathematical formula used to determine the optimal betting amount considering the odds of the game you bankroll and potential winnings.

The 1% Rule

According to the 1% rule, you will not bet more than 1% of your bankroll on a specific game or for each bet you are willing to make.

The Stop-Loss Method

The stop-loss method is quite popular, especially for anyone to just started their journey with onlinr casinos. Basically, you will stop betting on a specific game (or stop playing altogether for that day) if you face losses over your betting limit. For example, if you had set a limit of 20% of your bankroll and lost that much money in your last gaming session, then you will stop playing that game.


In conclusion, an effective bankroll strategy can improve your gaming experience. It allows you to make well-informed decisions and to compare different games based not only on your preferences but also on your financial budget and financial plan. It’s really important, therefore, to play any casino game in both online and land-based casinos with the specific goal and financial limit in mind. Otherwise, you run the risk of potential potentially betting outside your limits.