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Picture this — you’ve just been playing on the legendary Starburst slot from NetEnt and you’ve won a nice jackpot payout. You head to your account at the online casino and hit the withdrawal button. Days pass and still nothing shows in your bank account. A week goes by, and you really start to wonder…

This is where we jump in and tell you that you should have used a fast payout casino! In the below article, we explain fast payout casinos, their benefits and how you can find the best options so you can get your winnings promptly.

The Issue with Withdrawals at Online Casinos

Before we look at fast payout casinos it’s important to understand why they even matter. Are withdrawal speeds important and why are we making such a big fuss? Well, simply put, slow payouts mean:

  • The casino is holding your money for no good reason
  • If you hit a big jackpot win you want to spend that money!
  • Slow withdrawals can be a sign of a dodgy online casino

The basic fact is that you want your cash! If you’ve hit a big win then you want that money so you can do something with it! You don’t want to be waiting weeks until the money arrives at your bank.

Slow withdrawals can also point to a larger problem though as it can mean that the casino is untrustworthy and is withholding your money for no good reason. Unless there are banking issues, there is no reason why a casino should hold your money.

The Benefits of Fast Payout Casinos

From the above you should already be able to see the benefits of fast withdrawals, but it’s a great idea to spell it out and go over the specifics. You may find there are some benefits you haven’t considered.

More Flexibility with your Money

Having instant payouts gives you far greater flexibility too with your cash. Obviously, we don’t advise using online gambling as part of your budget or relying on winnings to pay bills, but if you do have an unexpected bill, such as your car breaking down or an emergency vet appointment, having access to any money you have idle in your casino account is important. A fast payout will help greatly in these situations and could help you cope with the emergency without any panic.

You get Big Payouts Immediately!

The most obvious benefit is that you get your money instantly! Imagine if you hit the biggest prize on a slot game, had an amazing run in blackjack, or best-case scenario, hit a life-changing amount on a progressive jackpot slot.

You want that money now so you can spend it! There is nothing more irritating than waiting for a payment and this is the underlying reason why fast payout casinos are simply better. There is no delay, no waiting and you get the money immediately to enjoy.

You can Keep Your Funds Organized

Money management is incredibly difficult even when using budgeting apps, so having winnings tied up at an online casino that you can’t do anything with makes things even more difficult.

You could use that money to pay for unexpected bills, or it could go into your savings, but until it’s actually in your account, it can’t be managed. In contrast, if the casino pays up instantly, you will have an easier time staying on top of your finances.

You Won’t Fall Prey to a Scam

As mentioned above, if an online casino is taking ages to payout, it could be a sign that they are withholding your money and don’t intent to pay up. This can happen and it is a problem with some offshore unlicensed online casinos.

Obviously, casinos hate paying out as it means the money is being taken out of their system and cannot be spent anymore. In the worst-case scenario, unscrupulous casinos simply withhold your money, and you never get it. Instant withdrawals negate that possibility.

How to Check if a Casino has Fast Payouts

So, you now know the benefits of fast payout casinos, but how do you know if the platform you are looking at supports this? There are two simple methods you can use to determine this:

Check the Banking Page

Most online casinos have a generic banking page that details payment information for deposits and withdrawals. You can usually find this in the main menu, or via the links in the website footer.

The banking page often has a table showing all the withdrawal payment methods together with payment processing times, payment fees and minimum/maximum withdrawal limits. This should be all the info you need. Using this page, you should easily be able to see if the platform has fast payouts or not.

Contact Customer Support

Sometimes, a casino might not provide banking information until after you have registered for an account and this is what we want to avoid. We want the info beforehand! If you can’t find the info on their dedicated banking page, then we advise contacting the customer support team.

They should have a live chat or email support ticket system, and this information should be easy to provide. You can also check the FAQ section or terms and conditions as these often have payment information available too.

Fast Withdrawals are the Way Forward!

We hope you have found this article useful and now have a firm understanding of what fast-payout casinos offer. Why would you want to wait days or even weeks for your online casino winnings? This just isn’t logical! Instead, you can simply find a platform that offers instant withdrawals and have all that cash in your bank account immediately.