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The gaming sector is always at the forefront of pioneering modern technology. People who enjoy gaming tend to get a lot from novelty value, which means it’s important for the gaming industry to be constantly innovating. As such, there are some super new tech ideas coming into the iGaming space now, along with some innovative applications of older technology. We’re going to take a look at some of the most prevalent, and some of the newest kinds of technology in the casino world and how they help to make your gaming experience as exciting as possible.

Crypto Casinos

First on the list is an amalgamation of cryptocurrency with the online casinos we know and love. At these sites you can try casino with bitcoin, as well as occasionally some other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum in particular. Whilst the games and the user interface on crypto casino sites will generally be familiar, much the same as online casinos that you’ve used before, the way that you wager is a little different. Crypto casinos allow you to use cryptocurrency in your gaming wallet and offer their prizes in cryptocurrency too.

This has one huge bonus which is that players can remain anonymous when playing online. For most people, there is no stigma at all attached to online gambling. However, for some people, perhaps those from certain religions, countries, or in public positions such as celebrities or politicians, it might feel unwise to be completely transparent about their online gaming habits. Using cryptocurrency to play casino games online affords them total anonymity and complete peace of mind that their hobby will never come back to bite them.

The other benefit to playing at a crypto casino is that cryptocurrency has its own safety net. As cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology to work, this means that the player’s money is protected by the blockchain. It is almost impossible to steal cryptocurrency as there is a public ledger of exactly what happens to each unit of crypto. Although all regulated online casinos are safe, this extra precaution could help nervous players to feel extra secure.

Live Dealer Casinos

Online casinos are always looking for ways to make the online experience as close to the real one as possible and the recent explosion in live dealer casinos suggests that this technology might be the closest, we’ve come so far. Live dealer casinos use a real-life croupier who is live-streamed to players at home. Live streaming takes place using specialist cameras that are set up around the room. These cameras simultaneously film the croupier and stream that film to players at home.

The croupier behaves in exactly the way that a croupier at a real casino would, spinning the roulette wheel, dealing out cards, and taking bets, with just a couple of slight changes. Each of the cards that are dealt is much larger than in real life, to allow players at home to see them clearly. The croupier will also scan each of the cards through a machine which allows it to be displayed as text on the computer screens of the players at home. Players can interact with both one another and the croupier through a chat box in the user interface. This creates a convivial atmosphere, like what you might find around a table in a real casino.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is certainly the buzzword technology of the moment and there’s good reason for that, its applications are vast. Online casinos already use AI in a surprising number of different ways, one of the most important being in security and fraud prevention. Artificial intelligence technology is trained to notice patterns in the way that people game and spot things that are out of character.

This is useful in three diverse ways. The first is spotting problem gambling so that the casino company can act accordingly and offer help to the player if they feel that they need it. The second is to weed out players who are using bots or automation to try and get ahead, or cheat, in casino gaming. Once the casino site is notified, they can check that player’s account closely and look out for attempts at cheating the system. Being able to spot cheats and remove them from the site helps to keep gaming fair for everyone, saving the company money and allowing them to pass on some of their profits to players in the form of bonuses and promotions.

The final way that this is useful is to spot if a player’s account has been hacked or compromised in some way. If a player starts playing in a radically unique way than before or begins making unusual deposits or withdrawals, then the casino company can interfere until they are satisfied that the account is being used by only the player to whom it belongs.