Blackjack games are widely available at online casinos. This entertainment option is ideal for players who want quick action but do not want to leave their house.

Blackjack online is very similar to the classic version you may have played with your friends at home. The virtual counterpart, on the other hand, has its own set of variations and specifics. One of them is a broader range of bets that are rarely available in other places.

This post will introduce you to the basic formats and the most popular variations of the simple yet dynamic online blackjack game. We strongly advise you to choose trustworthy casinos with a large variety of blackjack games. This way, you can practice in the most enjoyable way. Read on for more!

Main Types of Online Blackjack

Blackjack rules are simple: score more points than the dealer while staying under the magic number of 21, and you’ll be rewarded. Beginners can start playing this popular card game right away, but you must first choose a format.

There are two versions available in the online casino lobby:

Classic Online Blackjack – virtual blackjack with a random number generator (enriched with RNG technology)

Live Dealer Blackjack – played with a real dealer at the table.

The fundamental rules remain the same in both circumstances. The differences may be evident in how the gameplay is organized.

RNG Blackjack vs Live Dealer Blackjack

The RNG software program is used to generate results in a simulated game of online blackjack. The goal is to guarantee that each bet has a fair and random outcome. Each possible hand in blackjack, including the order and suit of the cards, is assigned a long string of random numbers. Every time a player places a bet and initiates gameplay, the RNG selects one of these randomly generated sequences to determine the outcome for that hand. Given that, independent companies monitor RNG algorithms to verify that the code has not been altered.

Live blackjack, on the other hand, means that a real casino dealer organizes the game. Therefore, the randomness of the game and the absence of any manipulations are guaranteed.

Types of RNG Blackjack

To meet the requirements of 21st-century players, gaming suppliers have created many online blackjack options, each with an increasing number of additional features.

Two main online blackjack variations standout:

  • European
  • American

The most noticeable differences are in the way the cards are dealt and placed, the side bets, and the amount of decks used in the game.

American Blackjack

The American version of blackjack is arguably the most popular one. Here is an overview of its rules and features.

  • Less risk for the player.
  • The dealer starts with a pair of cards: one visible and one hidden. If the face card gives 10 points (points) or is an Ace, the second one is checked, since there is a chance that the lucky blackjack combination (21 points) has already been collected.
  • You can double down, that is, double the bet amount, regardless of what starting cards the player received.
  • Leaving the draw is allowed at any time.
  • The dealer must stop when the total of cards goes beyond 17 points.

European Blackjack

The European variation of blackjack may not be as popular, however, it still has a large fan base. Many online casinos offer this variation as well. Below are some of the most defining features of the European blackjack.

  • Less predictable
  • The dealer receives only one card, which is shown to the player. The second one is not shown until all participants have completed their bets and made their calls.
  • The right to a double down is only granted to a player with an initial hand of 9 to 11 points.
  • The “Surrender” option becomes inactive if another player has made a move.

Live Dealer Blackjack

If you enjoy playing blackjack but want to experience the next level of immersion, then the live version is your best bet.

The action in this format occurs in real-time, as the cards are shuffled and dealt by a real human. You can view the hand from start to end from your phone or computer.

Blackjack games with a live dealer are streamed online from a well-equipped studio. This allows you to monitor and manage every move that a dealer makes. Their hands and deck of cards are constantly visible, which guarantees that cheating is impossible!

It is particularly convenient that you can communicate with other players in the game. You can also talk to the dealer. If needed, the dealer will recommend a plan of action during the game.

This guarantees that the event is live and not recorded. The sound of blackjack cards as they are dealt, the far-off voices of other workers, and the studio’s decor will undoubtedly provide you with an authentic experience.

Final Thoughts

Online blackjack is a modern version of the classic casino game. There are numerous variations, but the two most common are European and American.

The game is played against a computer at certain tables, while a professional dealer is the opponent at others. Although the basic rules apply to all titles, there are some that are more exotic, with their own characteristics and modifications.