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If you are new to sports betting or even if you are already an experienced bettor and are looking for an online bookmaker that meets your expectations, you are in the right place, as our team of sports experts and tipsters have reviewed countless sports betting sites. sports betting, here are the best bookmakers available online: click here to know more about the best sportsbook online

How To Choose A Good Place To Bet?

Each classification or ranking requires a methodology, ours encompasses different criteria, some more decisive than others. Beyond the appearance and presentation of the sites, the promotions they offer or the profitability of the odds or the proposed quotas, we look at every detail of the bookmakers, even the small letters, to put you on the table the best of the best. While all of them will have positive points or offers that make us consider a registration, some exceed the most basic parameters and are in the top of the best bookmakers! How to bet online? Where to bet? We let you know the best betting pages!

The first element that you should consult is the reputation of each best-rated sports betting house in Mexico, Chile, Peru or anywhere in Latin America. Winning in sports betting has never been so easy… Regarding the criteria of ejaculations and reviews that of the bookmakers, what interests us is the opinion of the users, the opinion of the experts, the different licenses obtained, the legality and regulations to which each betting site subscribes.

As a second criterion, we find customer service . Important for bettors, since the quality of user support is decisive in order to have a pleasant and complete experience. In order to verify this, we monitor and test the different platforms of online betting sites, such as online chat, Whatsapp, Telegram, social networks, FAQ content, email or telephone support. Definitely an important element for our ranking of bookmakers!

The third criterion of our ranking, our betting specialists concentrate on the payment and withdrawal methods of the bookmakers. Putting an accent on accessibility, security of payment methods, transfer times, extra costs, availability in certain countries, or restrictions. Often sportsbooks are in fact quite comprehensive in this respect.

The fourth criterion that you must take into account is the profitability of the quotas . Actually, if you already make bets, the value of the odds, quotas or odds is the most important, since it will directly determine the level of your profits. For each sport, be it tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball or rugby, we look at the odds profitability of the most popular markets but also across all sports betting markets.

The fifth criterion, “Internet page”, for this, we take into account the quality of the interface offered by the bookmaker. The navigation, the ergonomics of the site, the design, the comfort during use, accessibility, speed, functionality, loading time, image optimization… all these elements are taken into account in our classification. Important element if you intend to bet often.

The sixth criterion is the quality of the bookmakers’ betting offers and promotions , such as no-deposit welcome bonuses from sports betting sites. Our procedure for this point is to take care of listing not only the sports or competitions available to place bets, the number of betting markets available, as well as the diversity of competitions by country. In addition to analyzing the volume of open markets in minor sports and second divisions or the specific systems (increased odds, improved odds, cash out…), everything has been considered. One of the most important evaluations of our ranking of the best online betting sites.

As a seventh important criterion we find the mobile version offered by sports betting websites. The bets made through the cell phone represent more than half of the bets that are made in the world, without a doubt, they have taken an important place in the world of online betting. That is why we have analyzed the quality of the page in the mobile version of each of the bookmakers.

Finally, we have taken into account the live betting platforms of the bookmakers. Since in-play betting has become a major event in sports betting, it was inconceivable not to include this aspect among our main criteria. That is why we look at the design of the platform, the speed of the interface, the evolution of live odds, the responsiveness of the bookmakers, the monitoring of the events of the matches, the volume of the open betting markets and the height of the proposed odds. Something essential if you want to bet online.

In addition to all these parameters, other elements that must be considered, perhaps more technical, are the regulations, advice, reliability or ease of  sports betting bonuses , which we have also analyzed to establish an overall score. The latter will allow you to quickly see which sports betting operator is the most complete and, therefore, which bookmaker you should contact. Betting and winning has never been so easy!

Every day we analyze and compare different online sportsbooks. Our classification is constantly updated to allow you to choose the best sports betting operator at all times. For each betting site, you will find a very complete review that will let you know more about its offer, its security, its customer service, its bonuses, its promotions and its news. Thousands of bettors have already trusted us to choose their favorite betting site.