When you’re playing mini roulette, the single number wager is the most popular, as you can see by the odds at the bottom of this page. However, there are also other bets you can make, such as bets on four adjacent numbers, three numbers in a line, or La Partage, which applies when two or more adjacent numbers match. This article covers the various betting strategies in mini roulette and the rules involved.

Single number wagers payout best in mini roulette

In mini roulette, single number wagers are the most popular and pay out best. The winning bet will return 392 chips and may be repeated on a later spin. However, players should understand that the best numbers to bet on in mini roulette do not necessarily represent your favorites. These may be your birthday or apartment number. In either case, you will have the same chance of winning as other numbers. To compensate for the reduced payout, you can place larger bets. For example, a $2 split bet on the number seven and number eight will return $36, while a $1 split bet on the same number will return a $32 payout.

Aside from the single number wagers, you can also place a Split bet on any two adjacent numbers on the roulette board. If one of those numbers is the winning number on the next spin, you will receive 11-1 for your bet. In Mini Roulette, you can also place a bet on any number between six and twelve. The payout for this bet is 5-1 if either of the adjacent numbers will be the winning number.

The single number bet in mini roulette is the best bet if you have a large bankroll. Even-money bets are the safest bets to place. A single number wager will only pay out once every 36 spins. However, single number bets are not for beginners, and players should be aware of the risks and consequences of playing such a risky game.

Bet on 4 adjacent numbers

When playing mini roulette, you can bet on four adjacent numbers, either red or black. The corner bet and square bet are similar, with the exception that you place chips on adjacent corners. A corner bet is a good option for small bets because you can make a higher or lower payout if you’re right. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also bet on four adjacent numbers if you want to have the highest chance of winning.

Standard Roulette bets are the same as those in regular roulette. You place your chips on a single number or a pair of adjacent numbers. Bets on three numbers (Street bet) or two adjacent “streets” (six line bet) are also possible. If the roulette wheel shows three or more identical numbers, you win. Six-line bets, on the other hand, are made on two adjacent “streets” (three numbers).

You can also place a Final Bet on the last digit of a number. This means you’ll bet on the numbers four, fourteen, and twenty-four. The Final six requires four chips, while Final nine requires three chips. Despite the fact that the roulette wheel is manufactured with utmost precision, microscopic inaccuracies are bound to remain. Voisins refer to adjacent numbers in French.

The corner bet is another option to bet on four adjacent numbers. A corner bet chips is placed in the corner shared by four adjacent numbers. Similarly, a column bet is made when you bet on three numbers in a row. Unlike the inside bets, the house edge on these bets is higher in mini roulette than in European or American roulette. So, if you want to bet on even chances, make sure you understand the rules before betting on a corner bet.

Bet on 3 numbers in a line

The outside bets on mini roulette are focused on groups of numbers rather than individual numbers on the board. There are five different kinds of outside bets. A winning column bet covers a group of 12 numbers; if it is covered, you will win 2-1. Another type of outside bet is a winning dozen bet, which covers a group of three numbers. A winning dozen bet pays 8-1 if any three of the numbers land on the wheel.

The number of chips you bet on a specific number will determine the amount you win. For example, a winning street bet would pay 392 chips if the ball lands on number three and you have bet on number two. A corner bet would cost seventeen chips to cover, while a street bet requires 36 chips to cover three numbers in a line. While each of these options will result in a win, it is not always the best choice for beginners.

The house edge in mini roulette is less than the house edge in other versions of the game. A winning bet on a mini roulette has a lower house edge than its counterpart in European and American roulette. A winning bet on evens will result in a zero-bet, so be sure to check out the other options before making your final decision. You can also try betting on 3 numbers in a row with mini roulette.

If a number appears on the wheel, you can save half of your bet. That way, you do not lose any money. In addition, you can get back half of the money you bet when the number comes up in a line. The chances of winning are still high, but you can also try the exotic bets on mini roulette. One of these exotic bets is the neighbor bet.

La Partage rule in play

If you’re interested in minimizing the loss potential of your bets, consider a variant of the La Partage rule. The La Partage rule only applies to even money bets, meaning a zero on the wheel will result in a “half loss.” If the zero lands on a red pocket, the player can follow the La Partage route and receive half of their stake back. However, if they prefer to keep their original bet, they can imprison their stake and let the croupier leave it unaltered.

The La Partage rule is a French-based rule that applies when the first spin of a round is an even number. When the zero lands, the outside bet is kept on the table and loses if the player hits another zero. The La Partage rule, on the other hand, returns the outside bet to the player. It is one of the most popular rules in European roulette, and is often the most popular among new players.

La Partage reduces the house edge in French Roulette. In Atlantic City, players can make La Partage bets on the double zero and the zero on the even money side. This lowers the house edge from 2.7% to 2.63%. This is a significant difference and should be considered before risking real money on a game. However, the La Partage rule does not apply to inside bets, which are entirely arbitrary.

The La Partage rule also applies to even-money bets. This rule reduces the house edge in mini roulette by allowing even-money bets to lose when the ball lands on zero. These rules are beneficial to players because they decrease the casino’s advantage. When La Partage applies, players are rewarded for reducing their house advantage. This rule is important to note, since the La Partage rule can make or break a player’s casino winnings.

Place a split bet on any number

If you’re new to mini roulette, you might be wondering how you can place a split bet. Unlike regular roulette, mini roulette doesn’t have numbers that match up perfectly. That’s because the numbers you split must be adjacent on the table. The table and wheel must match up. If they don’t, you can’t win. Here’s how it works. First, you place your split bet on any number on the table.

The first step is to join a roulette table. Once you do, wait for the betting time to begin. Then, place your chips on the border separating two adjacent numbers, either horizontally or vertically. If your number matches up, the split bet wins. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll win the other number, and the payout will be 17 times the stake. However, if you happen to be losing a streak, you can always place a split bet on the other number.

The house edge in Mini Roulette is higher than in American and European versions of roulette. This is because the house edge on the American version of the game is 5.26%. You can also play the demo version of the game to get familiar with the rules before making a real money bet. However, you should avoid the zero bet in Mini Roulette. Because the house edge is higher than in other roulette variants, it’s wise not to place a bet on the zero.

When it comes to placing a bet in Roulette, you can place them on any single number or a grouping of numbers. One of the most common types of bet in Roulette is the single number bet. You can place your entire chip on the same number, or you can put your chips on the outer edge of the row. This bet pays 35 to 1 and is the most popular.