Sweepstakes casinos, also known as social casinos, have always had a devoted fanbase. In the last few years, however, that fanbase has started to expand in a big way. It’s likely that this growth trend will continue as they begin to attract the attention of a more international audience.

For anyone unfamiliar with them, sweepstakes casinos offer all the same games as regular online casinos. The main difference is that players aren’t playing for money. Instead, players use coins to play and as a currency to trade in for prizes or to be entered into sweepstakes for more valuable prizes. These coins come in two forms and can be purchased, won or awarded as a bonus or as part of a promotion.

Below are the top five reasons why sweepstakes casinos are gaining more popularity. After reading maybe you’ll be tempted to give them a try!

Variety of Payment Options

Being able to offer a range of payment options with sweepstakes casinos for example is hugely important for any online business, and this is especially true for online casinos and sweepstakes casinos. Customers want to be able to pay with a payment method that they feel comfortable with and want to avoid creating new accounts or downloading new apps to do so.

Sweepstakes casinos accept all the major digital payment methods, including e-wallets and major payment apps such as PayPal and Skrill. One thing that sets them apart from regular online casinos is that most also accept a wider variety of credit and debit cards, including American Express, Discover Card and Diners Club International. Some sweepstakes casinos also accept cryptocurrency payments, which is great for players who want to remain completely anonymous while playing.

Great Games

In the early days of sweepstakes casinos, they offered a fairly limited selection of games and did not generally have access to games designed by the major developers. As they’ve grown in popularity, developers have seen that they are a valuable market and now there are more games than ever on sweepstakes sites.

Alongside large libraries of slot machine games, many sweepstakes casinos offer all the major table games. Many sweepstakes casinos also offer their own licensed games that you can’t find anywhere else. For players who love something new and exclusive, this is perfect.

Some sweepstakes casinos do a great job of incorporating the social element into their platforms. Stake, for example, has daily promotions and competitions for players as well as a regularly updated blog so that players can keep up to date with the site and one another. Being able to play games and chat with your casino friends is a very appealing way to spend some time.

Focus on the Fun

With regular online casinos, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of chasing a win or trying to spend your way out of a losing streak because each play has a real money value. Sweepstakes casinos make it much easier to separate the money from the games. Yes, you are still usually using coins that you’ve paid for but since the prizes aren’t directly linked to each time you play there is less pressure to win.

This allows players to focus more on the fun of playing. Casino games are meant to be an enjoyable pastime, not a way to make money, and sweepstakes casinos make it easier to remember that.


Online casinos are tightly regulated in the United States and in most other countries, but those laws are also changing regularly. It can be very hard to keep up to date on where exactly it’s legal to play at regular online casinos. Playing at offshore online casinos is always an option, but not necessarily a smart or safe choice.

Sweepstakes casinos, on the other hand, are legal in 49 states. Washington is the only state that has made them illegal. In fact, Washington state bans all forms of sweepstakes, not just online sweepstakes casinos. If you live anywhere else in the United States, it’s perfectly legal to play at sweepstakes casinos.

That level of accessibility is hard to compete with. It also means that you can play when you travel too, without having to look up whether the site is legal in the state you’re visiting. People who never thought they could have access to slot machine games and table games online have now discovered sweepstakes casinos and are enjoying them all across the country.


Online casinos have always been known for offering great bonuses and welcome offers to draw in new customers. Sweepstakes casinos continue this trend and improve on it. They typically offer the traditional welcome bonuses such as free spins and deposit matching.

Where they are better than their traditional competitors is that most sweepstakes casinos also provide their customers with plenty of other bonuses and reward player loyalty. Instead of just being a welcome bonus, free spins can be won by logging in daily or by playing certain games. Most also have extensive loyalty programs with regular bonuses and rewards for returning players.